Produce Box

Produce Box

Current Produce Menu 

Local Apples
Local Nectarines
Local Peaches
Local Cantaloupe
Spring Salad Mix
Local Brussels Sprouts
Table Carrots
Local Mushrooms
Local Leaf Lettuce
Sweet Onions
Local Russet Potatoes

  • Just Veggies: We replace all fruit with veggies

    Baby Carrots
    Brussels Sprouts

  • Fruit Box Only $41

    10 Apples
    10 Local Plums
    10 Oranges
    1 Honeydew Melon
    1 hand of bananas
    1.5 lbs of grapes
    1/2 Pint of Oregon Blueberries

  • Exchange Items (Limited to 3 items)

    Mixed Fruit
    Russet Potatoes
    Baby Carrots 


If you received a Gift Card, please call to redeem it 541-526-7201