Alaska Gold Seafood

When you order from Alaska Gold Brand the fish you receive is caught by hardworking Americans fishing on small boats with minimal environmental impact. Below are just a few of the many reasons that our Alaska Gold Seafood is truly the best seafood available

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It is delivered directly to YOU.

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On May 12th, 1944 the legal contract for the formation of our fishermen-owned co-op was signed. Since that day, our fishermen have continued to preserve traditional fishing methods that protect wild salmon species and the places where they are found. Our co-op’s retail store, Alaska Gold Brand, allows customers to enjoy wild-caught Alaska seafood straight from the source.

A smiling SPC fisherman holds up two salmon.

Owned by the producers, Seafood Producers Cooperative is over 500 small family-run American businesses in one. Everything we do is with our proud tradition of quality seafood. As a co-op, we support small boat fishermen and southeast Alaska coastal communities.